Playing dart good for practicing skills, coordination, isolate muscle movement, posture and cognitive focus.
Byrd, R.C. (2010). Darts. School of Medicine Occupational Teraphy. West Virginia University.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Malaysia Open Championship 2010... The Great Moment

The event at Centre Atrium 1 Borneo Hyper-mall, Kota Kinabalu

 Mr Collin @ Claraines Joseph and Mr Laurence Ilagan

 My Photo with The Bull Shooter Team from Philipines

 Mr Cylis (RB Tambunan Darters)

 Mr Cylis and Mr Laurence Ilagan

  Mr Mourie and Mr Saban (RB Tambunan Darters)

 Me and Mr Collin (Sabah Kitchen Darters)

Our Photo With Mr Collin and Mr Yusry from Kitchen Darters

Its really surprise and enjoyed to meet darters around Asia playing with a professional level...awesome 

RR Dart Tournament October 2010