Playing dart good for practicing skills, coordination, isolate muscle movement, posture and cognitive focus.
Byrd, R.C. (2010). Darts. School of Medicine Occupational Teraphy. West Virginia University.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Which one is you dart gripping?

Phil Taylor
Simon Whitlock James Wade
Terry JenkinsPeter Wright
Robert Thornton
Jacobus Stompe

DART: Sabah Great Victorious 2009/2010

March 2010 Sabah's Kitchen Darters champion of 5th International Sabah Open Dart Tournement
From left: Mohd Donald Tonduba, Shaid Daim, Mohd Yusri, Lim Seng Heng and Clarines Joseph
November 2009
Sabah's Kitchen darters crowned champion of 2009 Malacca Open Darts
Reddy(left), Clairines, Yusri, Lim and Malaya
Clairines Joseph Champion of Malaysia Open 2009
(From left: Runner-up ladies Merlyn Mudi, Champion ladies An-An Awitan, Champion men Clairines Joseph and Mohd Latip Sapup runner up men) www.nexusresort.com

August 2009 - Clairines Joseph and Tony O'shea
Sabah's World Cup First timer Clairines Joseph chased glory all the way in an impressive display at the top of international darts journey in the United States. www.newsabahtimes.com
Calirines Joseph Profile in Profesional Dart
WDF Ranking: 61
Best WDF World Cup : Last 64 2009
Malaysia Open: Winner 2009

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mr Simon Bambaras Darters will transfer to West

One of Bambaras Darters Mr Simon will transfer to West Malaysia on April 2010. He will be one of Malaysia coach for Bowling. Announcement to all Tambunan Darters, the farewell party will on 08 April 2010 at RB2 Tambunan.
Mr Simon (left) Mr Bedie (Right)

Mr Saban one of Mr Simon best friend and partner on dart

"Wish you All the Best Mr Simon"

Farewell party moment at RB2 08th April 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

RR Double Dart Event 19-20 March 2010

RB Tambunan hantar 4 team ke RR Double. First time join tournement di RR , seronok dapat jumpa kawan2, tukar2 pendapat dan kongsi tips untuk practice dart. Hari pertama round robin, group A struggle habis sebab salah satu team akan tersingkir dan Group lain bersaing untuk dapat top dalam kumpulan.
Day two, knock out, 4 team RB Tambunan tidak dapat lepas pusingan pertama. Kena banyak practice dan... jangan lebih 15% alc, ha3.
2nd - AA (Alex + Alax)
joint 3rd n 4th - RR.LY( Lai + Yessel) & PE (Pius + Ernest)
Anyway, really enjoyed and have a great pleasure to all darters.
Mr. Unie and Mr. Fredilis
Ernest, Mr. Jaws and Mr. Oliver

gambar bersama alex and alax
champ double event di millenium March 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

RB Tambunan Single Happy Hours Dart Tournament 16 March 2010

Champ: Mr. Jaws (SEMENTA DC)
2nd Runner: Mr. Saban (BAMBARAS DC)

Last night tournement was very impresive, most of the tambunan darters was improve their skills on darting. Mr Welly, the RB Tambunan owner was glad with the Tambunan Darters acheivement. 'Tonight we have 180 for 8 times and below 15 dart finished up, what a surprise', Mr. Welly responded to the great moment of Dart tonight.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Red Bull 2

Where we can play dart at Tambunan? RB2 Tambunan is the place, just front of the main road same with block with KL hardware and STC Tambunan.
Owner Mr Welly
6 dartboard are available
Counter, LCD Tv with live ASTRO

Monday, March 8, 2010


Dart have its origins in the cross section of tree. Dart start with a name 'butt' which mean target. The numbering system with 20 on the top was created at 1896 by Brian Gamlin a carpenter from Lancashire, North West of England. The are two Profesional dart organization. The British Dart Organization (BDO) 1973 and Profesional Dart Corporation (PDC) 1994.
Brass Dart, Tungsten Dart and Silver Nickle darts are type of dart equipment.
Dartboard made up of three type of material which are paper, fibre and bristle. Bristle dart was invented by NODOR at 1930. There are two of best quality dartboard was made and used in any international tournement such as Winmau Blade III (BDO) and Unicorn Pro Eclipse (PDC).
Brass Dart and Paper Dartboard
Nickle dart and Bristle dartboard

Tungsten dart and fibre dart board
The major difference between darts in the US and Europe is the sort of game was palyed. 501 and 301 particularly palayed in Europe and Asia Country. USA, they played cricket system with more double and tribble.
World Profesional Darters
Phil Taylor
The 15 times world championship Phil Taylor is now 49 years old. He was born August 13, 1960 Stroke on Tent, England. Phil Douglas Taylor with the nickname The Power won 2 BDO and 13 PDC Championship.
Raymond van Barneveld
Born April 20, 1967 in Hague, Netherlands. Barney and The man as a nickname won five times world championship which are World Championsip, two in UK Open Championship and Las Vegas Desert Classic Championsip.
James Wade (ENG)
James is an English Professional Dart Player. Born April 6, 1983 in Aldershot, Hampshire. He is the youngest player ever win teh major PDC title at the World Matchplay in July 2007.
Terry Jenkins (ENG)
Nickname 'The Bull' and reach number four in the world rangking. Born September 26, 1963 in Ledbury, Herefordshire. He get world rank during 2005 by producing good performance in the tour events.
Simon Whitlock (AUS)
Born March 3, 1969 in Sydney, Australia. The Wizard was finishing runner-up to Phil Taylor at PDC World Dart Championship 2010 with 2 times maximum chekouts 170.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Sementa Darters
(right Cyril Tiger, Mr. Jaws, Fredilis, Oliver Phil, Cylis Ilagan, Joseh Pangazou, Jenius Kombu)

Photo taken at SEMENTA foyer

Joseh Pangazou
Dart used: Unicorn World Champion
idol darters: unknown

Oliver Phil
Dart Used: Unicorn Gripper
idol darters: Phil Taylor

Dart used: Winmau
idol darters: Laurence Ilagan

Dart used: PUMA
idol darters: Chisnall

Photo by: Joseh Pangazou